HELI Adventuring

Into the UnKnown

Nothing compares to seeing Alaska from the air… An opportunity to see the breadth and magnificence of natural beauty at its fullest. Nothing is better than the crystal clear wrap-around windows of a helicopter that were the inspiration of our igloos. Come, enjoy Alaska as it was meant to be.

HELI Hotsprings

The hidden gem, natural hotsprings flowing from the ground, piped into a tub, surrounded by frozen wild lands, soaking up the beauty in warmth… a delight to your senses and a moment to pause. We believe this is the essence of natural beauty, unrefined and raw. Enjoy this experience with us, space and dates are limited. Approximately 4 Hours.

All Gear, Guide, Food, Beverage, 40 Minutes of Flight Time included: $499/pp

Heli Flightseeing

Step into the Alaskan backcountry with this Heli Flightseeing excursion. Fly over the White Mountains. Land in pristine backcountry, enjoy our remote outpost, and the vast panoramas. Skim over the treetops keeping an eye out for moose as you head to an Alaskan Gold Dredge. Step back in time as you marvel at the steam powered gold dredge which churned up earth in search of that beautiful yellow stuff. Experience the Trans Alaska Pipeline from the air as you return back to Basecamp. 45 Minutes of Flight Time, $429/pp