Latitude 65 Menus

We are currently closed for the 20/21 season, and will be re-opening for the 21/22 season on August 21, 2021!

If you are a guest of Borealis Basecamp planning on staying with us, please make your dinner reservation at time of check in with the front desk!

Latitude 65 was opened by Chef Easter in November 2018. Chef Easter has 22 years experience in the industry, having moved to Alaska eight years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2017, Chef Easter won the Taste of the Chugiak award for his locally sourced dishes. Chef Easter is passionate about ice fishing, and will catch  trout and pike fish here in Fairbanks all winter long. Georges’ favorite food to cook is, of course, anything local and fresh!

We serve all sustainable Alaskan Seafood, and have established relationships with local farmers to provide local produce.

We are proud to serve true Alaskan seafood at Latitude 65. All the Alaskan King Crab we serve originates in  the Bering Sea, our rock fish comes from Southeast Alaska, and our Alaskan Sockeye salmon comes from Bristol Bay.  Make sure to ask your server about what seafood is being offered tonight!

We also work with local ranchers to provide fresh elk, bison, and reindeer on a limited basis.

At Latitude 65, we seek out vegetables that are sourced from local, small farmers in North Pole and Fairbanks, as well as various small villages in Interior Alaska.

For Fairbanks residents, we have one seating available at 5:00pm every day. To make a reservation, call (907) 318-7896. Please note guests of Borealis Basecamp have other times available, and we ask all Basecamp guests to make their reservations at time of check in.