Image Preparation

Editing Tools

Consider using an image editing tool that gives you more control:

  • Gimp (free)
  • Photoshop
  • iPhoto (can get the job done as well)

Size Requirements

In order for an image to be saved to the website, it needs to meet some minimum size requirements. It must:

  • be at least 1600px wide if we plan to use it across 100% width of the screen (for headers or full screen location).
  • be at least 800px wide if we do not plan for it to be used full screen.


Some images will need to be cropped in order to fit our presentation needs. When cropping, keep in mind that the image still needs to display well on a phone.

Upload Preparation

Before uploading an image, make sure that:

  1. The filename is meaningful, SEO-rich words separated by dashes (not dots, underscores or spaces)
    1. Good: alaska-aurora-borealis.jpg
    2. Bad: Summer Photos -2017 nrthnlights.jpg
  2. It is run through an image compression tool
    1. A great one is